Industry leading expertise in Building Information Modelling

Providing Level 2 collaborative models with structural and MEP design consultants

Building Information Modelling (or BIM) is rapidly becoming an essential component in Chapman Taylor’s service. In many respects we lead our industry in this field.  We believe that BIM delivers benefits to our clients throughout the design and construction process, and potentially through the life of the building.

What is BIM?

In essence, BIM involves creating an information-rich, virtual 3D model of the proposed building. From the one model, we generate all the drawings, schedules and 3D views that we would normally create separately. This means that, with BIM, the documents are always consistent: A change to the model is automatically reflected in every document. In addition, because the building is fully modelled in 3D, we can carry out more sophisticated analysis and option-appraisal. Transferring data from the BIM model to the operations team enables better performance in use.

Chapman Taylor BIM 

At Chapman Taylor, we have focused on the smooth integration of BIM into our existing market-leading design process. We continue to deliver large, complex projects with the robust and practical approach our clients expect; we have simply enhanced this with the 3D design insights and built-in coordination that BIM enables.