Residential: From ‘PRS’ to ‘Build to Rent’, to ‘Multifamily-Housing’; the evolving shape of the UK rental model.

In this article, our in-house ‘Build to Rent’ design expert, Jeannette Veldkamp, appraises the concept of Multifamily Housing, following the Urban Land Institute study tour of Multifamily Housing in the United States in September 2016. 

Residential: Why Offsite Construction is Ideal for Build to Rent (PRS) schemes

In this article, Stuart Carr, our residential sector expert, discusses why offsite construction methods are ideal for Build to Rent (PRS) schemes in the UK.

Retail: The Future of UK Retail Parks

In this article, retail design expert, Adrian Griffiths, explores the current trends impacting retail parks and the implications these trends will have on the design of future retail parks and renovation projects on current retail park assets.  

UK Retail: How to design next generation retail developments?

In this article, retail design and delivery expert, Adrian Griffiths, discusses the different elements that need to be brought together to create commercially successful places and spaces at the heart of our UK towns and cities in the future.

UK Residential: What is 'PRS' or 'Build to Rent' and how can developers capitalise on this opportunity

In this article, one of our in-house residential design experts, Jeannette Veldkamp, discusses the different issues associated with Private Rented Sector (PRS) and Build to Rent housing in the UK and how developers can capitalise on this opportunity.

Die Städte verlieren beständig an Kaufkraft während der E-Commerce, befeuert durch den Siegeszug der Smartphones und das mobile Shopping, seit Jahren Zuwachsraten verzeichnet, von denen der stationäre Handel weit entfernt ist. Inzwischen entfallen mehr als 9% des gesamten Einzelhandels auf den Online- Handel, mit weiterhin zweistelligen Zuwachsraten. Was bedeutet der daraus resultierende notwendige Strukturwandel des Handels für die zukünftige Entwicklung von Handelsimmobilien und die Struktur unserer Innenstädte?  

Mixed-Use Developments – „Kombinieren ist gefragt!“

Dieser Artikel von Hannah Ahmed befasst sich mit den aktuellen Entwicklungen im Mixed-Use Immobiliensektor. Bezogen auf unser Projekt PLAZA in München wird das Thema von Kerstin Brinkhoff im Interview mit Johannes Marx, Projektentwickler der R&S Immobilienmanagement GmbH näher beleuchtet.

Stadtreparatur durch Rückbau – Regeneration urbaner Qualität

In diesem Artikel zeigt Yvonne von Salm, Projektleiterin für das Projekt Wuppertal Döppersberg, das Potenzial für neue urbane Qualität auf, das in so manch einer Stadtplanungssünde aus den siebziger Jahren in deutschen Städten verborgen ist und durch sensiblen Rückbau wieder freigelegt werden kann.

Do our city centres have a bright future?

In this article, urban regeneration expert, Adrian Griffiths, examines the evolution of UK City Centres from their trading heyday to a period of gradual decline and how they can fight back.

Deutschland: BIM-Einführung auf dem deutschen Markt

In diesem Artikel beschreibt Andreas Radischewski, Architekt bei Chapman Taylor in Düsseldorf, die Einführung von BIM in die deutsche Baubranche.

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What is Computer Aided Manufacturing?  And how is it leading the digital site revolution?

In this article, Luke Petty, discusses the exciting design and construction opportunities offered by Computer Aided Manufacturing.

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Deutschland: Online und / oder Stationär?  

In diesem Artikel untersucht Jens Siegfried die Auswirkungen des weiterhin stark wachsenden E-Commerce auf die Entwicklung von Einkaufszentren und die Struktur der Innenstädte. Es werden Ansatzpunkte aufgezeigt, wie sich die gebaute Einkaufsumgebung entwickeln muss, um gegenüber dem Online-Handel konkurrenzfähig zu bleiben.

Residential: Generation Rent

In this article, Luke Petty, discusses the UK housing crisis and what policy changes and architectural solutions could be implemented to help alleviate this situation.

Office design: White Collar Cycling

In this article, Paul Graham from our Manchester studio looks at the office design implications that need to be considered when providing employees with cycling facilities.  For an increasing number of employees, a big determining factor in where and who they choose to work for is driven by what cycling facilities are available to them at a particular workplace.

Hospitality: Emerging hotel trends in China

In this article, Director David Wallace, looks at 10 directions the hospitality sector is taking in China as we head towards 2020.      

Retail: Why men don’t like visiting shopping centres & how a change in their design and retail offer might help alter this.

In this paper Michael Dunkley explores the shopping habits of men, and why the majority given the choice would not put visiting a shopping centre during their spare time at the top of their agenda. Yet how some centres offering more than just retail are drawing in more male customers and how we might learn from this.

Die digitale Herausforderung: Intelligenter Einzelhandel für die vernetzte Stadt

In diesem Artikel beschreibt Thomas Jäger, Architekt bei Chapman Taylor in Düsseldorf, wie sich der stationäre Einzelhandel erneuern muss, um im digitalen Zeitalter erfolgreich zu bestehen.

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UK Residential: The Chapman Taylor Prototype Housing project

With Housing at the forefront of the UK political agenda and the pressure of tackling how to build an extra 50,000 homes a year in London alone, Chapman Taylor has devised a new housing model, Umbrellhaus, as one answer to help solve the UK housing problem.

Leisure: How to design a new generation of cinema?

In this paper Chapman Taylor UK Director, David Wallace, examines the latest trends in cinema design and how to take them to the next level.

Germany: The Architect as General Planner

The role of the General Planner in Germany is becoming increasingly important. In this article Ruprecht Melder, a director of Chapman Taylor in Dusseldorf, discusses the benefits of appointing one architect as the prime consultant who in turn appoints all sub-consultants.

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Deutschland: Der Architekt als Generalplaner

Die Rolle des Generalplaners gewinnt vor allem in Deutschland zunehmend an Bedeutung. In diesem Artikel erörtert Ruprecht Melder, Geschäftsführer von Chapman Taylor in Düsseldorf, die Vorteile der Beauftragung eines Generalplaners im Vergleich zu der klassischen Einzelbeauftragung von Planern. 

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UK Transportation: A holistic approach to the design and planning of transport hubs

In this article, Transportation design expert, Peter Farmer, discusses how to create successful transport hubs and interchanges in the UK.

Retail: Designing retail environments that appeal to women
In this paper Chapman Taylor Warsaw Director, Aleksandra Zentile-Miller examines designing retail environments that appeal to women.

Themed Retail: to theme or not to theme

Director, Peter Mackey based in Chapman Taylor’s Shanghai studio discusses themed retail spaces and why he thinks ‘theming’ retail is the way forward.

Retail: Asset enhancement in Central Eastern Europe

In this paper, Peter Wojtusiak, Chapman Taylor Director based in our Prague studio, examines the growing trend of asset enhancement in the CEE retail sector and how giving tired buildings a ‘facelift’ makes business sense.

Residential UK: An Insight on Offsite

In this article, Luke Petty, discusses the current shift taking place in residential construction from onsite construction towards factory construction. 

Transportation Retail: Why Star(chitects) need Architects to create commercially successful airport terminals

In this article, aviation retail design expert, Roger Wilson, will explain why Star[chitects] and airport owners need retail masterplanners to ensure that their commercial space is properly designed and planned, rather than being an adjunct to an 'iconic design' driven by ego and how the two can exist when driven by collaborative working.

UK Retail: Urban regeneration: The pursuit of experience

In this article, leading international urban design and masterplanning expert, Adrian Griffiths, discusses the key elements that need to be brought together to create successful UK urban regeneration projects.

UK Office: The office of the future

In this article, Cahtherine Currie, a workplace design specialist, discusses how our offices as we know them are in the throes of evolution.

UK Residential: How to respond to the UK housing crisis

The UK needs to build circa 2​40,000 houses each year over the next ten years to keep up with housing demand. Large volume builders are currently building circa 125,000 house per year. The deficit cannot be made up by small developments alone. In this article, our UK Residential Director, Stuart Carr, discusses the UK housing crisis and presents a case for how retail-led developers and landlords can respond positively and profitably to this opportunity.

UK Retail: Saving our Secondary Towns

In this article, leading international urban design and masterplanning expert, Adrian Griffiths, discusses the decline of the high street in our secondary towns and what can be done to reverse this trend.

UK Transportation: What are the key challenges that currently impact good transportation design?

In this question and answer article, leading transportation design expert, Peter Farmer, discusses the facilities and services today's travellers expect in transportation hubs and the key challenges that are currently impacting transportation design.

UK Transportation Retail: The art and science of aviation retail design and the passenger journey

In this article, aviation retail design expert, Roger Wilson, discusses the different elements that need to be brought together to create commercially successful retail environments in airport transportation hubs.