Radisson Blu 5* Hotel & Spa

Karjat, India
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Key Facts

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Karjat is a 102 room hotel retreat which is a two-hour drive from Mumbai and Pune.

The vision for the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Karjat, situated on the Ulhas river, Maharashtra, is to ‘promise to be the perfect destination’ for people wishing to escape the pressures of Mumbai city life. 

The site is located 100km north of Mumbai.  The key attribute of the site is its riverside location and the magnificent views across the river to the distant hills which wrap the site.  The hotel is made up of a series of connected courtyards that maximise views of the river and imaginatively bringing visitors closer to the landscape.

Chapman Taylor developed an ‘eastern’ design theme for the hotel combining the compelling beauty of a far-eastern resort with hints of Thai and Balanese architectural styles with an internal narrative celebrating Indian design, culture and spirit.

Awards won

Asia Pacific International Property Awards - Best Hotel Architecture India